The only martial arts dojo in India that is famous for teaching Japanese Traditional Arts.

Considering the utmost importance of Self-defense, we are 

serving the youth and the country with our untiring services  

since 1986  

and hope to continue with full Zeal, Dedication and Sincerity. 

Supported by it's advisory and medical boards consisting of 

prominent citizens, it has planned to popularise the art of  


particularly among the youth to develop their 

Health, Self confidence and Discipline  

for this  

we welcome your encouragement.




"Learn the ways to protect, more than to destroy"

"Every Interaction is an opportunity to learn, only if we are intrested in 'Improving' rather than 'Proving' "

"Teachers do teach all present in the classroom, it depends upon the reception of the students to grasp and progress or confuse and entangle"


I have been associated with Prof Dr. Siddiq Mahmoodi sensei  the founder of Golden Dragons since 2008 when i was searching for a teacher who could train me in Iaido and Jiu jitsu. He is highly experienced and erudite with a pleasing demeanour and teaches martial arts with a passion and not as repetitive mechanical movements. He adapts the style to suit the individual. When I met him I was suffering with arthritis, obesity and blood pressure, yet with his patience and encouragement I was able to attain the level of a black belt in Iaido in 2014. I also trained in the basics of kendo, spochan and jiujitsu. I have been exposed to various masters of Iaido and Kendo during my training, Sensei encourages us to take part in international events where many of my comrades have won laurels for India.My daughter is also training in Iaido. I am proud to be the student of Prof Dr. Siddiq Mahmoodi sensei and wish golden dragons a bright future. 

"My association with Prof Dr. Siddiq Mahmoodi sensei, the founder of Golden Dragons is since many years now, initially as a dear friend and later got involved in Martial Arts, Kendo and Spochan activities. Prof. Dr.Siddiq Mahmoodi is a passionate teacher of Martial Arts with discipline and adapts to various techniques & style in training his students, having produced many National & State level Champions in Judo/Karate/Kendo/Spochan. Sensei and Golden Dragons are internationally known, having participated in various events in India & Abroad, having won several medals and honors for himself and his students making our country proud of. We wish Prof Dr. Siddiq Mahmoodi sensei & Golden Dragons a very bright future & success in coming days.".

"Its been about four years since i have joined this place but the bond formed with it looks like its been ages since i been part if it. The reasons might it be the teacher expertise in the area or might it be the way of his teaching or might it be the learning of new thing every single day not just martial arts but the way of martial arts and its real life applications or might it be the exposure to various Japanese arts or might it be of learning things not even known of in india or might it be of maintaining of the health or might it just for hoisting of tri colour in places it never been before?? The list might go on.. But for some it might be one or more from some of these out of the many reasons but for me its more like " some good things in life just happens ".


We give great value to another significant principle in martial arts training that is recognition of individuality. We believe that each person has a different means of understanding and perceiving the world around them.

We consider each person individually and as part of the whole. People learn at their own pace and to the best of their abilities. Our instructors know how to balance individual needs crucial to there improvement

We are all unique people with extraordinary mental and physical characteristics and special talents. By recognizing these things accurately, we are able to help in maximizing everyone’s potential.

As an institution, we believe that one of our obligations is to preserve and treasure martial arts and pass this on to all our interested and dedicated students. Therefore, we ask students to practice certain techniques and skills in a specific and designated manner with no digression.


"...there is a sufficient research base to conclude that sports psychology can assist martial artists with achieving peak performance in both katas and sparring. In particular, skills training can aid with regulating intensity in the martial arts as well as improving the physical skills required to be competitive."

A number of factors have been found to influence skill development and performance in the martial arts. These include methods of motivation, context for teaching new material, presence of music, presence of an evaluative audience or other participants, and perceptual skill....